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Tools & Machinery

Press Machines, Tire Changers Heavy Duties, Brake Machines, Wheel Dooly, Wheel Balancer and many more…  

About Us

Al-Futtaim Ltd Company is one of the big provider of genuine spare parts in Kabul, Afghanistan, with more than 18 years of experience.       Al-Futtaim Ltd is your one stop company for all genuine parts requirements. We can Provide any type of genuine parts & Logistics Needs anywhere in Afghanistan even at SHORT Period of notice.   Our...CONTINUE READING

Armor Glass’s

AGP (American Glass Products) Tezgen (Armor Protected Glass)   Lumi Armor Protected Glass   Isoclima (High Tech Security Glass)


                Germany Verified Armored Cars & Parts Supplies In the field of human conflict In crisis and conflict zones road travel is a high risk environment. For the many dedicated men and women working in such regions armored vehicles ar vital – at times it is the only...CONTINUE READING