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About Us

Al-Futtaim  Company is largest provider of genuine spare parts in Afghanistan, with more than 20 years of experience.




Al-Futtaim  is your one stop company for all automotive requirements, With A Great Team Work .

Our Mission: To Provide Our Nation Automotive Needs With Ease

Al-Futtaim Afghanistan  have more then 35 staffs with 3 Branches and 2 Main Warehouse, Al-Futtaim Ltd want to become the Largest and best supplier and services in Afghanistan

Now Al-Futtaim Afghanistan is growing and fast moving on forward  supplying of Spare parts and Logistics in all over Afghanistan with high range of available stock.



Al-Futtaim Co. LTD is an Afghan Owned/based company registered as legal Trading Service Company with Ministry of Commerce under license no: 0101-8271 on 2006 providing spare part and other general services throughout Afghanistan to all its valuable clients. We cover all aspects of supply different types of spare part specially the Genuine Parts and Armored vehicles form International companies.

We mainly import the genuine parts and armored vehicle from well-known companies which are located in Dubai, America, Canada, Thailand, Japan and Germany and distribute them all over the Afghanistan.

Integrity, quality & innovation are the characteristics that distinguish Al-Futtaim Co. LTD Company from others in Afghanistan.

Our strong team rush to eliminate the inefficiencies along their supply chains, liberating capital, lowering costs and improving services levels along the way in order to increase their competitive advantage.

We guarantee our clients for providing any type of Spare part and Armored vehicles parts from around the world countries.

We work in partnership with a vast number of locally, regionally, and internationally known manufacturing and distributing companies to provide the best available price and quality products.

We also provide our Clients with reliable & expedient information throughout the supply & Service process ensuring well-informed decision making that ultimately enhances the quality of our product.

AL-FUTTAIM CO. LTD is authentic company to deal with all kind of Spare & Armored Vehicle Parts all over Afghanistan. Having huge capacity to work & regular contract of logistics with foreigners too.

the foundation of our success lies in a commitment of understanding & meeting our Clients’ requirements for quality and on-time delivery & value-for-money.

We’re in the business of providing genuine spare parts and Armored vehicles. But we also work every day to apply and share our know-how in ways that benefit people, the community, and our planet in order to build a better tomorrow.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our supply management, always challenging ourselves to innovate, always looking to collaborate, and always improving each day in everything we do.

As a permanent and priority agenda item at all operational meetings, quality comes first in our company. Our mission is to combine the intellectual International know-how, of all kind Genuine Spare Parts and Armored vehicle parts, with local workforce capabilities in order to meet the diverse quality, timing and pricing needs of our clients.


Our Vision

To be recognized as the only choice for business for Genuine Spare Parts in Afghanistan by means of excellence through commitment in delivering best products.

We at AL-FUTTAIM believe that a vision is meaningless unless understood and incorporated into our leadership tools and management programs.

We want to be the most trusted source of genuine spare part and high integrity solution in the market.

  • Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations not only by realizing the clients’ business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of public relations.
  • Creative approaches to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored communications solutions.
  • 24H/8H availability.



Keep It Genuine!
100% Genuine OEM Parts